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Sun, wind, waves and fun

Stop staring at the show and become part of it!! Just contact us and in few days you will be having the best time of your life! Lots of fun, adventure and adrenaline with Ecuador Kitesurf!
Our spot is located in Santa Marianita Beach, (Manta, Manabi – Ecuador), the best area in the country to learn, practice and ride! Not a kiter? No worries, we also offer Standup paddle and surf lessons or just can join us and relax with a great view in our beach.
Learning Kite Surf with Ecuador Kitesurf is a life changing experience! We have the best certified instructors in the area plus during our lessons we will provide you with all the necessary gear.

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Who said aquatic sports are hard to learn?
With Ecuador Kitesurf the learning adventure is a simple and easy as it would ever be! We have the very best instructors and an incredible spot! All just waiting for you!

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Want to feel was its like to fly over the waves?

Come and check our beach in Santa Marianita, Manabi – Ecuador! The very best place in our country to enjoy, learn and practice Kitesurf!

Kitesurfing is a mix of flying, jumping, riding and adrenaline blending with wind, the sky, the sea! Its adventure at its very best and how is meant to be with pure and great nature around!

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Why should you choose our school?



To be able to enjoy the sport, you must learn and be familiar with a set of rules, safety drills and skills which will allow you to be in control of yourself, the gear and the sport itself. Because of it the best and safest option is to learn under the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) method, our head instructor is consider the very best in Ecuador and all our instructors are certified as well. For your own sake lessons are given in both English and Spanish.



Different types of packages are available and waiting for you! During our courses we will provide you all the necessary gear which includes: helmet, vest, harness, control bar, kite and board.

Wind, water and Weather

Humboldt Current plus the hot and dry environment in Manta (Manabi – Ecuador) created a micro-climate with thermal wind right in Santa Marianita Beach. Best time to ride goes from end of May till end of December with winds between 14 to 22 nods (side-shore) and temperatures around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius (77 – 88F)



Joy and happiness is what matter the most to Ecuador Kitesurf team and that why we love to do what we do and we always give out best. We love the sport and we want to make you part of it! Part of the adventure, part of our life style!